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Shopping for the Perfect Baby Gift? Make It Personal and Practical!

Posted by Jennifer Reece on

Does the Thought of Searching for a Baby Gift Make You Want to Cry? Don’t Worry—We’ve Got You Covered with These Personalized Gifts

Jennifer Reece
Product Manager, FOTO Vision

What’s more wholesomely wonderful than welcoming a new baby into the world? Not only do you get to browse all kinds of adorable items (tiny socks, anyone?), but you also have the perfect excuse to drop by and squeeze those chubby newborn cheeks!

Yet finding the right baby gift can be difficult. For one thing, it’s hard to know what the family already has—new parents often buy everything they need (and then some) ahead of time, and experienced parents have hand-me-downs from their other kids. Plus, sizing with babies is next to impossible, since you might not know exactly how big they are, and there’s no way to predict how quickly they’ll grow. It’s a shame to put money into an expensive gift only to realize later that you’ve given something unnecessary or the wrong size.

The trick is to give parents something practical they can use but also personal to show you put a lot of thought into it. All of the gifts in this guide are parent-tested and guaranteed to earn you some extra cheek-squeezing time with the baby!

Shop customizable designs and templates to turn this classic baby gift into something extra special. Image courtesy of FOTO Vision.

Baby Blanket

Add a Photo to This Ultra-Soft Blankie

This baby is the newest addition to your life, and you can make sure they’re warm at night with a lambswool or plush personalized baby blanket. The blankets are 100 percent polyester and have the artwork printed on one side.

Don’t have a picture of the newborn? Get creative, and use a photo you have of the family, an important place (like where their parents met), or even their home!

If you’re struggling to find a picture you can use, don’t panic—there’s plenty of fun stock designs to choose from, like these dinos, an octopus and fish, and this scenic view of the Northern Lights.   

Sippy Cup

Personalize a Sippy Cup with the Baby’s Name and a Cute Design

You might be thinking ahead with this gift, but they’ll grow into it! While a sippy cup won’t be necessary for the first months of a newborn’s life, it’s pretty much the only kind of cup a child will use for the first few years of their life. And even with their names on them, they have a tendency to walk away—so help the family a stock up for the future with this personalized sippy cup.

Choose from a variety of styles and designs, then add their name to the label! Image courtesy of Buy Buy Baby.



Snack containers, toys, and bottles are all basic equipment when it comes to raising a child. The problem? Every other parent on the block has similar—or even the same—ones, which makes things confusing when it comes time to pack up from a playdate or go home from daycare. This is why labels make such a great gift, even if they’re not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of kiddie supplies. These high-quality, customizable labels are waterproof, tear-resistant, and safe for the fridge, freezer, outdoors, microwave, and dishwasher.

Custom Photo Blankets

You Might Buy It with Mom in Mind, But the Rest of the Family Will Want It for Themselves!

A good blanket is a crucial household staple—especially with a new baby in the house! Here's one that both Mom and Baby can enjoy! Personalize a plush or lambswool throw with a photo of the family. Or, remind Mom to get some rest with this “Namaste in Bed” design. In the end, it doesn’t matter what’s on it—the whole family will love snuggling underneath this super soft, 50-inch-by-60-inch blanket.

Custom photo blanket featuring married couple and two children in a landscape setting

A plush blanket featuring the entire family is a great gift to capture a moment in time.

Personalized photo blanket featuring couple holding hands and baby shoes

Or generate the excitement of things to come in the future!

Personalized baby bibs are a unique gift for new parents

Baby Bib

Protect Those Adorable Onesies with a Personalized Bib

Babies are messy eaters. Whether they’re munching on sweet potato, squash, banana, or pear baby food, it’s sure to end up all over them. For this reason, a parent can never have too many bibs. But don’t just grab the first one you see at the store—make it personal! Design your own bib with text, graphics, or an uploaded image.

Small Towel

(Technically, It’s a Rally Towel—But We’re Going to Get Creative with It)

Okay, maybe this one seems a little out of left field (see what we did there?), but if you want your gift to stand out from the four other copies of Goodnight Moon that every new parent receives, you’ve got to think outside of the penalty box (last sports pun, we promise). Customize a rally towel with a photo and text for a one-of-a-kind baby gift. It can work as a burp cloth, a piece of decor, or just a regular towel.
A custom rally towel can be a great baby gift if you get creative

Live life in color with foto vision!

Create stunning custom & personalized blankets and towels using your own photos and graphics at FOTO Vision. Design your own colorful creation now!

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