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About Us


At FOTO Vision, we want you to live life in color, whether you’re at home, at the beach, at the game, or at your home away from home. Personalize a FOTO Vision towel or blanket and you’ll see what we mean—when you get that big smile as you cozy up under a plush blanket with a picture of your favorite pet, or when you’re swinging a rally towel with your child’s team picture on it, you’re living life in color.

Our products help you tell your story and share it with your friends and family in a unique, personalized way. We love when you give FOTO Vision products as gifts, because that means you’re sharing memories.

We are committed to this vision, and back it up with our 100% Live Life in Color Guarantee. We will treat you with the utmost care and respect, and welcome the challenge of warming up the world one blanket and towel at a time.


All items are printed and shipped in South Carolina by FOTO Vision’s expert staff, who treat each item with the utmost respect for you and your personal photographs. This ensures a prompt turnaround of your order. 


We print all of our products using a dye sublimation process. During this process, specially designed ink turns from a solid into a gas and penetrates the product. When the ink cools, a permanent high-quality full color image is created that doesn't crack, peel or wash off. Dye sublimation ensures that you'll have a long-lasting, vibrant image on your towel or blanket even after it goes through the wash.