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Will my designs fade after washing my towels/blankets?

Wash your towels/blankets on Machine Wash Cold to keep them looking vibrant.

The quality of my picture isn’t very good. How will it look on an item?

Low resolution pictures may appear blurry or pixelated on a final product. We recommend making it a part of a collage with multiple pictures, copying the picture multiple times on the product, or filling in the design with some of our custom graphics to ensure that you will be happy with the image quality.

Can I reorder a previous project I created?

Yes. Finished orders are accessible from your account.

Does FOTO Vision ship internationally?

No, Fotovision only ships domestically to standard U.S. addresses (no P.O. Boxes).

Why is there a fold line in my towel after multiple foldings?

Over time, the fold lines will show a little as the fabric separates and pulls at the fold lines. This is not considered a flaw, just regular wear on the towel due to the nature of the full color process.