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Earn Yourself an A+ with These Back-to-School Gifts

Posted by Jennifer Reece on

Students of All Ages Will Love These Practical But Fun Personalized Gifts 

The bell is about to ring, signalling the end of summer and the start of the school year. For students, that means class and homework, but for parents, it means freedom! 

Celebrate getting your life back (and cheer up your kids) by getting some back-to-school gifts this year. While buying them presents will always put you in kids’ good books, you can score some extra credit by getting them something that’s personalized. But don’t worry—we won’t tell anyone that you copied us. 

Rally Towel

Put Your Own Personal Touch on This Fan Favorite 

Have an athlete in the family? Buy some customized rally towels to show your support at games! Image courtesy of FOTO Vision

Personalized rally towel featuring football players about to hike the football

Whether they’re on the field or in the classroom, you’ll always be their biggest cheerleader. Even if they’re not into sports, this custom rally towel makes for a one-of-a-kind piece of decor that will brighten up any bedroom or locker. 

The towels are machine washable and made with 100 percent polyester. Just upload the photo you want, and it will be printed edge-to-edge on one side. 

School Scarf

Who Knew School Spirit Could Be So Cozy?

A pink scarf with NC State in large lettering and the college letter logo NCS

Choose designs from colleges like North Carolina State, Butler, Clemson, Duke, and many more—or create your own custom design. Image courtesy of Tradition Scarves

College football games are tons of fun—except for when it starts to get cold out. With this gift, your kid can support their favorite school at a game and still stay warm. Shop a selection knitted and woven scarves featuring a selection of major American colleges for a gift they’ll wear all winter long! 

Don’t see a design you like, or want something more personal? Create a custom scarf with artwork, logos, and graphics of your choice. You just need to order 48 or more—so get matching ones for the whole team or family!

Throw Blanket

Welcome Back that Crisp Fall Air with Style (and a Great Gift) 

Choose from plush polyester and Challenger Lambswool. Either way, you can’t go wrong! Image courtesy of FOTO Vision

Two examples of personalized photo blankets from FOTO Vision

What’s better than curling up with a warm blanket on a blustery autumn’s night? Curling up with a warm blanket that has your face on it! 

Whether they’re picnicking on quad at college or taking it along to naptime at kindergarten, this personalized blanket is a unique gift that they’ll use again and again. 

Knitted Pom Beanie

As Useful as It Is Cute!

A collegiate beanie in Iowa State colors featuring the school logo

Get them a beanie with their school name and logo on it, or design one of your own. All you need is a production-quality image, the specific Pantone colors you want, and an order of 48 or more. Image courtesy of Tradition Scarves

Will beanies ever go out of style? We hope not! Get your college student (or future college student) a knit beanie with their school on it. 

You can also design a beanie of your own to make this gift extra special. Use the brand’s standard template with custom colors and words, or make an entirely new design. Either way, it’s sure to knock their hat off! 

Beach or Shower Towel

Help Them to Stay Dry with This Gift That’s Anything But

Personalized beach towels make great gifts for spring break

Available in small, medium, and large with your artwork printed on one side for an unforgettable gift. Image courtesy of FOTO Vision

Preserve a favorite photo on this soft, polyester-and-cotton blend towel that’s perfect for some fun in the sun at the beach or drying off after a nice long shower. No matter where they are or how they’re using it, your kid will love this custom-made towel

Not only will its graphics be crystal-clear in full color, but the towel is also machine-washable for maximum convenience. 

Lunch Box

Personalized with a Custom Monogram or Embroidery

Shop different styles and designs from classic lunch bags to chic totes. Then, personalize it for free! Image courtesy of Simply-Bags

These lunch boxes are (almost) too cool for school! Your kid won’t want to wait for the first day of school to show off their personalized lunch box. Plus, you don’t have to worry about it getting mixed up with anyone else’s. 

Choose from polkadots, mermaids, paisley, elephants, and more to find the perfect fit. This is a gift they’ll use for years to come!

Cooling Towel 

Just Add Water! 

A personalized cooling towel with a picture of your favorite athlete will make a great back to school gift

Personalize it with their name, jersey number, the logo of their favorite sports team, or whatever else they might like—the possibilities are endless! Image courtesy of FOTO Vision

Sports practice is no joke! Thankfully, your kid will have this cooling towel to wipe up the sweat before it gets all over your car’s upholstery. And when they’re not using it, they’ll be showing everyone the photo that’s printed on it. 

The key to instant freshness is cold water. Once the towel is wet, wring it out and snap it the air—then just enjoy the long-lasting coolness! 

Pens and Pencils

Turn This Ordinary School Supply into Something Special 

You’re going to buy them anyway, so why not spice things up a bit? Get three pens for $1.06 per pack and three pencils for 99¢. Image courtesy of For Teachers Only

Let’s face it—back-to-school shopping isn’t exactly how you’d choose to be spending the last days of summer, especially if your kids don’t even want to be going back to school in the first place.  

These custom pens and pencils will make that process a little less painful and a little more fun. And, because their name will be printed on all the pens or pencils in the pack, they’ll always know which ones are theirs!

The first day of school can be daunting, to say the least. Start the year off right with a personalized gift! You’ve done your homework—now it’s time to take the test. The best part is that with these gifts, there’s no way to fail. 

Worried you’ve missed the deadline? Don’t panic—even if school has already started, these items make great gifts all year-round! 

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