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Perfect Personalized Pet Gifts for the Animal Lovers in your Life

Posted by Jennifer Reece on

Perfect Personalized Pet Gifts for the Animal Lovers in your Life

Whether the gift is used by the pet or their owner, everyone will love these customized gifts for the pet-obsessed!  

Jennifer Reece 
Product Manager, FOTO Vision

Whether you are an animal lover yourself or not, chances are that you know one and will need to buy them a gift at some point.  So what do you buy someone who LOVES their pet? And how do you personalize it without alerting them? We’ve got you covered.  

Don’t look so sad about stock images on a gift-- sometimes it’s the breed that counts!  

Try a stock image

We know what you’re thinking-- but stock photos aren’t personal!  Sometimes you just don’t have a picture with a high enough resolution for a photo gift, and you can’t always ask for one from the person who will receive the gift.  In this instance, a stock photo of the same breed of cat or dog may suffice.  

The animal lover in your life chose their pet for many reasons, but one of them usually includes an attraction to the breed.  After all, purebred and specially bred dogs are still more popular than mutt dogs (though we love our mutts too!)-- why not help your giftee celebrate the breed of their cat or dog?  FOTOvision carries a variety of blankets and other gifts with stock photos of the most popular cat and dog breeds. 

Little silhouette charms personalized with messages or pet names are chic and stylish.  Image courtesy of Etsy.   

Jewelry for you and for them

Buy them bling in the image of their pet!  If you can get a photograph of their pet, there are plenty of Etsy jewelry-makers who can create earrings and necklaces in the image of their pet.  Or you could simply have their pet’s name engraved on a simple charm-- and don’t limit yourself to the classic tag style! Try the silhouette of a dog or cat, or a funky geometric shape.  There are lots of styles to fit your giftee’s lifestyle.

And let’s not leave out the pets here!  Personalize a dog tag with their owner’s information and a cute design-- stylin’ AND useful!  You could even personalize the color itself with the pet’s name and some hearts or another design-- for example, if the pet’s name is Rosie, you could have the collar decorated with roses!  

 A personalized book featuring the giftee’s furry friend benefits the whole family!  Image courtesy of The Bark Magazine, who also featured an article about the benefits for children who read to pets.  

Book it

We mean that literally!  Turn your friend’s (or relative’s) pet into the hero of his/her own story!  This is an especially good idea for families with pets. The book combined with their favorite pet encourages snuggling up together and reading-- both of which are very good for development and bonding!  As a bonus, you might get a really cute picture of the kids reading to their pets!  

Alternatively, you could also pre-pay for a grooming session.  Not only will this be appreciated for the results, it’s also practical!  If you’re feeling extra generous, you could book their pet time at a fancy pet salon with a massage.  

A mug with their cutie’s name is always welcome! 

Home decor

Have a glass jar etched-- or DIY it yourself-- with their pet’s name and a cute paw print design.  Or etch their portrait! Make sure the jar is large enough for treats made for that breed-- larger dogs will need a larger jar.  Small dogs and cats will be fine with a smaller one.  

You could also personalize water and food bowls with their pets name, and water bottles for both them and their pet for when they go on walks.  

And what about towels?  Both pets and humans need them!  Buy a matching set personalized with their names and paw prints.  Or how about a shower curtain?  

Magnets are small enough that they shouldn’t require a picture that’s very high resolution.  Check Etsy or Amazon to find a retailer who will create a magnet in the likeness of Doggo or Kitty-- better yet, order a whole set!  

Nightlights are another cute idea for pet owners of any age, but particularly for young children.  Nightlight plates-- and even lightswitch plates-- can be easily personalized if made of metal or ceramic.  

Who wouldn’t want their cutie-pie on a tote bag!?  

Got in in the bag!

Tote bags and purses are easy to personalize with pet names and pictures.  And with more and more emphasis--rightfully-- placed on saving our planet, you’re helping to do your part with a personalized tote bag!  Also handy for the beach, travel, and as a carry-on bag for travel!  

Purses come in all shapes and sizes, from crossbody’s to fanny packs.  Backpacks are popular too! Personalize them with a silhouette of their pet or some paw prints and their name.  

Consider gifting matching clothes or costumes-- you can even diy it if you’re crafty!  Image courtesy of Knitting Patterns.  

Dressing down

Hoodies and t-shirts are easily customizable with all sorts of designs.  If you do have a picture of the giftee’s pet, a print on demand service or your local t-shirt printer can produce a lovely gift.  But what if you can’t get a good picture of the pet?

Buy a plain shirt or hoodie, and take it to your local embroidery shop to have their pet’s name embroidered with a heart-shaped paw print.  You can also do this with hats! You could get really sweet and have a matching doggie or cat shirt embroidered too.  

Here’s a cute idea: take a hoodie to your local seamstress and have them add some ears that match their pet’s!  Whether you decide to go ham and buy them a matching tale is up to you.

Personalized ornaments help cement memories for years to come.  Image courtesy of Ebay.  

Gold star

People who love their pets often include them on their holiday gift-buying list.  Try having a personalized ornament made for their pet!

This can run a full range of styles-- there are simple silhouette shapes customizable with engraving, or you could buy some plain Christmas balls and paint them with paw prints, pet names, and pet faces.  Plush ornaments made in the likeness of their pet’s breed are also cute, but go the extra inch to have them embroidered with the pet’s name.  

And don’t forget the star tree-topper!  Have it engraved!  

For those who celebrate Channukah, personalized a dog- or cat-shaped menorah.  Or take a plain menorah and have it customized with the names of the whole family-- including the pets!  If there aren’t enough names for the candle-holders, add paw prints next to footprints “walking” their way around the stems.  

Personalize some boxes or books of matches with a pet’s face to light up their world!  

Pet keychains are a great way to the giftee to always have their pet near.  Image courtesy of Etsy.  

Key to their heart

Hand your pet-loving giftee the key to their heart by personalizing their keychain!  Have a keychain in their pet’s likeness made up-- whether you add their pet’s name or not is up to your taste.  

If you live with your giftee, consider having a custom key made with their pet’s likeness!  

Do you have any ideas for pet-lovers that we missed?  

Gift-giving can be hard, especially for people who are obsessed with their pets.  But with our guide for pet lover’s-- you’re covered!  

For some extra oomph… why not have customized wrapping paper made with their beloved pet’s face all over it?  

Have we missed any great ideas?  Let us know!  

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